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Kimberly Nuzingah Bradley

Business Life Coach & Business Development





3379 Peachtree Road NE

Suite 555

Buckhead, Atlanta, GA 30326

A Bit About Me

I am a woman that has been in pursuit of greatness since a child.  Through many experiences, complications, shortfalls, and fails,  I've used them all to create a compilation of success for others.  I have many state certifications and two trades that has awarded me the ability to build my coaching practice and be a freelance writer for years.  My trades are in transportation communications and business clerical.  I am a proud college drop-out many times over, having majored in Business Management & Business Administration, college just wasn't for me, not my speed, and to be honest felt it didn't serve me in the way it should have.  Formal education is awesome, but it just wasn't for me.  I leverage my years of intense training in law enforcement that is college equivalent if not higher to use in business for myself and my clients.

Work Experience

2013 - Current

2002 - 2017

2017 - Current

Formed my first official business, LipstickNFit LLC, a business centered around plus-size fitness and confidence coaching for women struggling with obesity and societal identity,

Was a law enforcement officer that served in many capacities, from detention/jail services, court services, transportation, served as a corporal, OIC, and Sgt./supervisor in our adult jail division.  I obtained numerous state and federal certifications in management, field training, supervision, emergency management, constitutional law, and much much more.  I am proud of my service and believe it help develop me into the discerning and instructional coach I am today!

CEO Driveher Ltd Co, was birthed in 2017 from me needing to create supplemental income and has developed into many other businesses and areas of operations.  CEO Driveher was never intended to be what she is today, I stumbled into the gig economy and found it to be not only extremely profitable, but a means of leverage in a multifaceted way.  Glad I didn't minimize the use of Uber, and other gig work.  I currently own a publishing company, media company, and working a beverage/business office essentials company due for release in the fall. Stay tune to so much more!

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