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Create, Sustain, and Prosper Without Relying on Social Media

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  • CEO Driveher Ltd Co

Service Description

Are You Tired of the Social Media Rat Race? If the endless scrolling, algorithm changes, and constant pressure to create viral content wear you down, you're not alone. Many solopreneurs feel trapped by the need to maintain a robust social media presence. The anxiety of fluctuating metrics, the time-sucking nature of daily posts, and the overwhelming need to stay relevant can stifle creativity and lead to burnout. But what if I told you you don't need social media to build a thriving business? Welcome to "Offline and Unsocial for Solopreneurs," where you'll discover how to create, sustain, and prosper without relying on social media. This transformative class is designed specifically for independent entrepreneurs who want to break free from the digital noise and focus on sustainable, offline growth strategies. Imagine This: No More Algorithm Anxiety: Forget about chasing likes and followers. Learn to thrive without the ever-changing social media metrics. Reclaim Your Time: Spend less time on content creation and more on what truly matters – developing your product and connecting with real customers. Genuine Customer Connections: Build meaningful relationships and a loyal customer base through offline methods that resonate and convert. What You'll Learn: Challenging the Growth Mindset: Understand why bigger isn't always better and how to build a sustainable, profitable business as a solopreneur. Leveraging Alternative Sales Channels: Explore sales channels with built-in audiences like Amazon, wholesale, and in-person markets. Learn how to tap into these powerful platforms to reach your ideal customers without needing a massive online following. Building and Owning Your Platform: To maintain control over your business, create a robust website and email list. Learn the best practices for setting up and optimizing your online presence. Strategic Expansion and Feedback: Start small, gather customer feedback, and strategically expand your business without overextending yourself. Real-life Case Studies: Get inspired by real businesses that have achieved six- and seven-figure success without relying on social media. Interactive Sessions and Personalized Advice: Participate in Q&A sessions and group discussions and receive personalized advice tailored to your unique business needs. Why Choose This Class? Proven Strategies: The methods taught in this class are tried and tested, with countless success stories to back them up.

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Cancellation Policy

Due to their digital products and services, all e-classes, ebooks, and e-courses are 100% NON-REFUNDABLE. If you cancel a meeting, you will NOT be refunded, and you're allowed one rescheduling date that is convenient for the staff member. A Few Important Notes: Phone Calls Only: All coaching sessions are conducted over the phone – no Zoom calls. Respect the Time: Sessions are strictly 20-25 minutes with a hard stop. Please respect this to ensure we stay on schedule. Booking Courtesy: Avoid booking more than three sessions weekly to allow fair access for all clients. Professional Conduct: Maintain professionalism during all interactions. Unprofessional behavior may result in the package being canceled without a refund. Scope of Service: Remember, I’m here as a soundboard and advisor to help with your business challenges, not to execute tasks for you. Renewals: Renewal of the package requires approval to ensure continued compatibility and benefit. Professional Conduct Behavior: Clients must maintain professional and respectful behavior during all interactions. Unprofessional conduct, including but not limited to harassment, abuse, or inappropriate behavior, will immediately terminate the membership without a refund. Content of Sessions: Coaching sessions are intended for discussions related to entrepreneurship, product development, services, home-based business, and related topics. Any unrelated issues will not be addressed. Scope of Service Consultation Role: Kimberly serves as a soundboard and advisor to help clients resolve business and brand-related issues. She does not execute or perform work on behalf of the client. Exclusivity: Each membership plan is exclusive to the purchasing client and is not transferable. 7. Membership Renewal and Termination Renewal: Membership renewal is not automatic. Clients must seek approval for renewal. Kimberly reserves the right to accept or decline renewal requests. Termination: Kimberly manager, and/or CEO Driveher Ltd Co reserves the right to terminate the membership if the client violates these terms and conditions or engages in unprofessional behavior. Liability and Disclaimers Advice and Outcomes: Kimberly's expertise and experience inform the advice provided during coaching sessions. However, success is not guaranteed, and clients are responsible for their own business decisions and outcomes. Limitation of Liability: CEO Driveher and Kimberly shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, or incidental.

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  • 3379 Peachtree Road Northeast, Atlanta, GA, USA


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