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about us

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I am Kimberly, your personal coach!

We're centered and focused on helping home-based business owners maximize their earnings, minimize costs, up their operational excellence, create consistent cash-flow, and through the use of tools and services structure various automations to minimize operational strains.  Your business is our business.


I am a business life coach that have well over two decades of experiences that contributes to my skillset in helping inspiring entrepreneurs develop in the areas of:


Office Management.

Inter-personal Relationship Skills.

Confidence Building.

Business Development and More.

I spent over 14 years in law enforcement working in the conditions that required me to not only lead, but understand how to identify the needs of staff, operations, the general public, and those in crisis.  In my position I developed a strong skill-set that allows me to thin slice situation and bring quick resolutions to matters of critical need.

Having been entrepreneurial since the age of 10 and developed small businesses why embracing a strong work ethic in the traditional work space, it developed me to be the coach I am.  I bridge the traditional work culture, understanding and showing inspiring entrepreneurs how to transition into full-time entrepreneurship.

Join today in the entrepreneurial movement and transition out of the beast system.

What our company help you to understand!

The importance of being:






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Are you ready to sky rocket your company & grow a sustainable
home-based business?

Did you know you can have a home-based business that is debt free, fully operational, legal, and extremely profitable.

We believe the mission is NOT in having the superstar mentality desiring popularity, but rather understanding the assignment to be postured financially to influence and stimulate our local economy.  We help you to develop strong businesses not just for financial gain, but for community.  It is important more than ever as business owners to develop American made products, rebuild American manufacturing, and create a community of conscious consumerism.

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Let us help you do this the right way!

It is easy to jump out on front street and start a business, but starting right is an intense and in-depth process.  We encourage you to minimize the short-cuts and be legitimize today.

let's work

Are you ready to be the show runner of your business?

CEO Driveher has a plethora of skills, tools, services, e-courses, e-learning, e-books, e-classes, consulting and coaching services that are sure to help small home-based businesses scale upward and onward.

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